The Touch

3D cover rendering of Randall Wallace's THE TOUCHA novella by Randall Wallace

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Andrew Jones was once one of the few surgeons in the world to have that rare, God-given ability called The Touch. But after failing to save his young fiancée, Faith, at the scene of a car accident, Jones abandons his gift and shuns the operating room.

Lara Blair owns a Chicago-based biomedical engineering company developing a surgical tool that will duplicate precisely the movement of a surgeon’s hands, reducing or eliminating failed surgical procedures. Lara has pursued the best surgeons in the world to test this surgical tool, and all of them have failed.

As Lara pursues Jones’s skill for her project, Jones’s stubborn resistance cracks, and he begins to open up to her about the wounds that still haunt him. But when Jones discovers the urgency behind Lara’s work, he must choose to move beyond his past. As each is forced to surrender secret fears, they are bonded together through the lives of the people Jones serves and by the healing secret that Faith left behind.

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  1. Looking forward to this new book! And love many of your movies with Secretariat being my favorite. I’ve competed on horses my whole life and understand how special that horse was. Glad that you were able to relay to the audience the spiritual aspect of it all… Wishing you a blessed and successful book 🙂

  2. Looking forward to reading Touch. Loved films (Braveheart, Pearl Harbor,
    We Were Soldiers, & Secretariat) Thanks for remembering Vietnam Vets
    who still are waiting for that simple but long overdue “Welcome Home”
    We’ve asked President to sign executive order (Stepuptotheplate. on
    You Tube), passed by both houses to make it happen.
    God Bless & wishing you much continued success.

  3. Can’t wait to read this…Of course we are BIG fans of everything you write, direct, etc!!! Chris is going to get this for a birthday present next week! He will love it!! :o)

  4. It was an incredible honor to hear you speak at the Christy Awards. Your tender heart was evident and inspiring. So glad to see my book paired up with yours all over the web, thanks to wonderful Tyndale. You’re an incredible story teller!

  5. This sounds like a wonderful story of emotional progress over time. The emotional blows and wounds don’t hurt less, nor are they forgotten but at times our thoughts can be redirected to happier and less painful moments of the past as we raise our hopes for the present and the future.

  6. Thank You for the gift! “Love Heals” spoke to me as I read the first chapter in a way that was amazing. After reading “Love Heals? Love Heals” my heart found a warmth that has been just out of reach for too long. So looking forward to the rest of the book to join the journey in
    the Blue Ridge mountains and follow it wherever it takes my heart.

  7. Piercingly heartfelt story! Highly recommended. And the author interview at the end was an unexpected bonus. Truly inspiring, as anyone familiar with Mr. Wallace’s prior work would expect. Though I’m sure it would make him uncomfortable to hear it, this writer has easily become one of my idols.

  8. My wife and I have read “The Touch.” We both read it in a day. We could not put it down. It’s a love story between God and the charcters and the readers.It is awesomely inspiring. Please let God inspire you to write more of these type of books. We thank you for this labor of love.

  9. Randy, I finally had a moment to read ‘The Touch’ during this busy holiday season. What a thoughtful gift you have masterfully crafted to help others and lift them up. The book accomplishes all you wanted and more! I could not put it down. Beautiful messages written within a gripping story. You are such an inspiration. I loaned the book to a dear friend whose husband had surgery for cancer yesterday. As he waited to go into surgery, they both found a moment of levity as a surgeon entered the room and turned around, then they looked at your book and back up realizing he could have been posing for the cover of your book. The surgery went very well. Your gift keeps on giving. Thank you so very much.

  10. I heard Mr. Wallace interviewed on Dennis Prager’s radio program December 30, 2011. It was a terrific interview of a remarkable individual !! I’d very much appreciate any materials available re what Mr. Wallace calls, “Secret Giving”. I’m purchasing 3 copies of his book today; one for myself, one for my daughter (who recently decided NOT to go to Med. School), and one for my (ex-)husband (of 35 years), who has lost his faith in Jesus. Thank you for any information you may be able to give me re “Secret Giving”.

    1. Randall, I read your The Touch book in 3 days. My friend came to visit, she read it while she was here in 3 days.. Have you given any thought to making the book into a motion picture? I would be a great movie.. I love the part about giving in secret, Matthew 6:4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

  11. Screenplay Logline: to; @Randall_Wallace:::::
    Action/Thriller/Supernatural genre.

    > Logline: Military sniper John Gallagher must face the prospect of killing his now possessed son, in order to save the President of The United States from a supernatural threat.
    Sorry- no punt intended…. 🙂

    1. Wallace Entertainment does not develop any films or books besides those conceived within the company; nor do we accept any submissions. It is the company’s firm and unalterable policy not to read or accept unsolicited material, so as to avoid potential litigation based upon the submission of ideas, themes or material identical to or similar in nature to projects that we may have been or are currently developing internally.

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