Randall Wallace Delivers National Prayer Breakfast Keynote Address

For Immediate Release

Washington, D.C. – February 3, 2011 – This morning Randall Wallace delivered the keynote speech at the 59th National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. Each year the National Prayer Breakfast has two guest speakers: the President of the United States and a keynote speaker whose identity is kept completely secret until the morning of the breakfast. Randall Wallace was revealed to be this year’s mystery guest only minutes before the breakfast began.  In past years the keynote spot has been held by an elite group of icons, including Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Bono of the band U2.

When told, Wallace could hardly believe that he had been selected for such an honor. “Movies are arguably America’s most lucrative and influential export — but guys like me don’t seem the obvious choice to speak at a prayer breakfast,” Wallace said. To prepare himself, Wallace studied the speeches of his predecessors.  “The causes they’ve advocated from this podium are vital, and I have no way to compete with their accomplishments or their eloquence,” he said, so instead Wallace chose to speak about a subject unprecedented in recent years…prayer itself.

The full text of Randall Wallace’s speech to the National Prayer Breakfast is available at the link below:

Randall Wallace National Prayer Breakfast Keynote (PDF)

Randall Wallace is the Oscar®-nominated creative force behind the epic storytelling of such critical and box-office hits as BRAVEHEART, WE WERE SOLDIERS and PEARL HARBOR, and this past Fall he brought to life the inspirational excitement of SECRETARIAT.

Wallace’s skill with uncommon yet true tales of loyalty, courage and commitment from throughout human history has set him apart in Hollywood. His films have earned more than $1 billion dollars at the box office, but he is most sought after for something even more rare: a visual storytelling style that can make the past feel completely alive and screen characters from any time period compellingly real.  He turned a forgotten Scottish warrior into a contemporary film hero in the screenplay for BRAVEHEART; adapted a classic Alexandre Dumas novel into an all-star adventure of palace intrigue with his directorial debut THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK; examined the sacrifices of American soldiers with one of the best-reviewed war movies of the last two decades, WE WERE SOLDIERS; and forged a blockbuster tale of friendship and romance against the backdrop of an America under attack in the script for PEARL HARBOR.

Randall Wallace’s full biography is available at: http://www.wallaceentertainment.com/about/randall-wallace/

The National Prayer Breakfast began in 1953 as the Presidential Prayer Breakfast and has been attended by every U.S. president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Each year on the first Thursday in February, over 3,000 guests from over 130 nations converge on the Washington Hilton’s International Ballroom to attend the main event, the National Prayer Breakfast.  However, the National Prayer Breakfast is much more than just the Thursday morning breakfast itself.  Hosted by members of the United States Congress, the National Prayer Breakfast events are structured as a series of meetings, luncheons, and dinners over several days.  The events are designed to create a forum for leaders to convene and create relationships that might not otherwise occur in the belief that what unites us is greater than that which divides us.

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A PDF of this release is available here: NPB 2011 Keynote Press Release (PDF)